This weekend, we were in a mood for something meaty and Indian, so we decided to give The Biryani Project a try. Their kitchen is in Greater Kailash 2 and Kakaji, and they cater to most of South Delhi. In a conversation with their founder Mr. Adit Madan, we learned the amount of passion that had gone into making this establishment. She mentioned how they visited various parts of India to learn the different kinds of Biryani. We are big suckers of local food prepared by local chefs using the most authentic ingredients, and TBP has managed to replicate it flawlessly.
The biryanis come packaged in nicely sealed handis with cute instructions on how to eat it and heat it. A yummy tadka raita also accompanies each Biryani.
What we liked the most (other than the hyperlocal bit) about them was how concise the menu is. Five styles of Biryanis with two sizes and done!

Star dishes

Both Hyderabad and Godavari Biryani were delicious.
When Mr. Adit Madan recommended Hyderabad, we were sceptical as we thought it might be just another deep orange and white rice biryani. To our surprise, the rice was dazzling white and had the right amount of heat and tang.


Each order is made to order so plan an hour ahead!

Extra Bites

While priced on the higher side as compared to many others, it is worth trying for their pure finesse. TBP is not your run of the mill biryani outlet.

The average cost for two

Rs. 700-800/- for food with taxes

Order at

+91 8750212212, 011 41251312


Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 10pm; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 12pm-10pm; Tuesday: 4pm-10pm

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