We have never been to PDA and returned walking straight. It is classy and comfortable. Located right under Diva, PDA serves the most delicious cocktails. As gin lovers, we have tried every combination they have to offer. Our favourites are Lime Basil and Earl Grey with orange. For days you feel more festive and fruity, try their Victoria’s Little Secret. Victoria’s Little Secret is a so potent yet yummy, you will not realize when you are drunk.
Our friends who like Vodka loved their ‘A walk under the apple tree’. They serve some cute knick-knacks like fox-nuts, chips, cucumber and carrot sticks with these cocktails and one can order any of the pizzas and pasta from Diva upstairs.
It’s friendly, liberal, and a super happy bar to go for intimate outings with your dates or close friends. Prices are a bit to the higher side, but it is worth a visit for special occasions.

Average cocktail price: 600 each  ++ (They do accept Zomato Gold though so make the most of it)

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