Whatever you do, do not travel by Malindo Air. If you’re on a budget, Air Asia is a way better option. Malindo Air is infamous for frequent delays, incompetent & rude staff and worst of all, bad quality aircrafts.

After a delay of 40 minutes, our flight from New Delhi to Penang had an additional delay of over 3 hours due to miscellaneous ‘technical’ faults. They started with saying their air-conditioning system is not working and needs to be fixed. For 3 hours, all the passengers were trapped inside the aircraft without proper knowledge of when we’d depart. For these 3 hours, all passengers were sitting in the aircraft and naturally started getting worked up. Passengers were worried about their safety and found little to no comfort from the Malindo staff.

Our connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang was at 8am. Since we missed that, we were rescheduled to the 2.50 pm flight! This wasted an entire day of ours.

At KLIA, we received a boarding pass with one measly meal pass of 20 ringgits each for the entire day. Nobody helped us much with where we can even use it. After roaming around for an hour hovering from one terminal to another, we saw an air-hostess in the Malindo uniform. She asked around and told us we could use it at Burger King and another coffee shop only. Downing our sorrows with some beef burger, we sat at the airport for 5-6 more hours, the connecting flight was also delayed by 20 minutes!

We finally reached Penang at 4 pm with every inch of our body hurting, our eyes were burning and our energy level was 0.

Just a few days after our trip, we read about the crash of Lion Air (Also by Malindo) due to similar minor technical fault. We hope their loved ones find the strength to recover from it.

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