Level Up is a new kid on the block. They serve elevated cafe-style food tucked away in Eros City Square. We were delighted to find such good flavours again so close to us. In the menu, you can find a mixture of Mexican, Italian and Lebanese options which they have worked out well to their advantage. It may not be wholly authentic but not too far from it. The food ranges from healthy grilled fish and roast chicken to comfort food like Mac & Cheese and Pizza. Their team is warm, welcoming and helpful.

Star dishes

Pepper Jack Half Chicken, Yin-Yang Double Delight and Homemade Gingerale


If you like less salt in your food like us, request them to put less salt in Grilled Lemon Butter Fish. They also accept Zomato Gold so make good use of yours!

The average cost for two

Rs. Rs. 1,500/-  with taxes


33,35 Eros City Square, Sector 49, Gurgaon


12pm-11pm (Weekdays), 12pm-12am (Weekends)

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