Food in Kolkata is elaborate and rich. You will give up for the day after every meal but regain your hunger purely for the number of things you must try. We devoured a spread of Bengali and cafe-style food over three days.
Here is the list of our must-haves:

Daab Chingri

Prawns with garlic and chilli served in a coconut
Have this at 6 Ballygunj Place
Cost: Rs. 525 per portion

Bhetki Paturi

Steamed fish in mustard wrapped in Banana leaf.

Have this at Bhoj Company, Park Street

Cost: Rs. 250 per piece

Ilish Bhapa

An iconic mustard preparation dish with the famous Bangladeshi Hilsa.

Have this at 6 Ballugunj Place

Cost: Rs. 585 each

Prawn Malai Curry

Creamy and spicy coconut prawn preparation

Have this at Bhoj Company

Cost: Rs. 260 for a jumbo prawn

Breakfast Places

Kolkata has a great cafe culture serving yummy (a bit indianized) breakfast.

Have this at Flury’s, Raj Spanish Cafe and the Country House Cafe

Cost: Rs. 1500, 500, 800 respectively

Kosha Mangsho

Thick Bengali mutton preparation served with lunch

Have this at We tried it at Kosha Koshe, but it was very spicy. We would recommend either 6 Ballygunj Place or Bhoj Company

Cost: Rs. 250-400

Egg Rolls

Kolkata’s favourite street snack. Crispy Kathi rolls with eggs, onions and chilly sauce.

Have this at: Available at every corner. We had it at Kusum Rolls

Cost: Rs. 20-30 each

Nolen Gurer Icecream

Rich Jagerry (Gur) Ice cream

Have this at 6 Ballygunj Place

Cost: Rs. 165

Fish Cultlet

Battered fish fry served Kasaundi (Bengali mustard sauce)

Have this at Literally everywhere! We had it at Bhoj Company

Cost: Ranges in between Rs. 40-150

Traditional Chinese food

Having a huge Chinese population, Kolkata has many Chinese options. We went to Tung Fong and had the yummiest fried chicken, fried rice and Kung Pao. Not sure if it was authentic but it was delicious.

Have this at Tung Fong

Cost: Rs. 1000 for a meal for two

We also had Chelo kebab at Peter Cat but found that it was nothing to write home about. The kebabs were dry, and the place was just not warm. Due to lack of time, we had puchkas at Haldiram’s, but we bet there are better places.

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