Kolkata is a city which is so modern is so many ways, and it would yet seem like one travelled back in time. Kolkata is a blend of Bengali and Colonial architecture that still co-exist. They also have a significant third and fourth generation of the Chinese population living in the city. It is hot, it is humid, it is dirty, and it is overpopulated but also charming with its heritage and food. We also met a few lovely and warm people.

For April, the weather was rather kind to us. From the airport, we drove through this old capital passing bright yellow and pink houses with beautifully manicured trees. In the short three days of being there, we visited the iconic Victoria Memorial, walked around Park Street and eat our hearts out. There is something for everyone in this town ranging for art, history and food.

How to get there?

Kolkata is one of the most accessible cities to visit. There are multiple direct flights from Delhi. There is an easy Uber pick-up point at the airport to take you to the hotel. If you want to budget your trip, there are trains to Kolkata too.

Where to Stay

For first-timers, it is best to stay at or around Park Street as most of the places you’d want to visit will be easy to access from here. There are several hotels in the area that one can pick as per their budget.
We stayed at Peerless Inn which is bang in the centre of the New Market Area. For a consecutive visit, we would want to stay in Ballygunje or Bhawnipur to experience the city more as locals.

What to pack?

Don’t forget to take an umbrella and talcum powder; it can rain at any time. Other than that you should be good with loose summer dresses, shorts and a ton of t-shirts. Carry a pair of comfortable walking shoes and a pair of fancy pumps for the evenings.

Food in Kolkata

We do travel to eat, and we made the most of the three days we spent there. What we missed by not visiting Tangra, we more than made up for in Bengali, Chinese and cafe food. Here’s the list of food here

Cafes and Bars in Kolkata

Kolkata cafe culture is just amazing. We were lucky to have visited a few of their cute cafes and iconic bars. Here is the list

Top 10 other things to do in Kolkata for tourists

1. Visit Victoria Memorial
2. Attend a mass at St. Johns Church
3. Go to Nandan to enjoy some art
4. Take a tram ride
5. Ride in the yellow taxi
6. Bargain for clothes at the New Market Area
7. Go to a tea stall early morning and observe conversations
8. Stroll around College Street and buy old books
9. Walk around Princep Ghaat
10. Enjoy the peace and serenity of South Park Cemetery

Cost for 2:

Flight tickets: 18,000
Average Hotel stay cost: 4000 x 3 = 12000
Food, drinks, travel for three days: 15,000
Total: Rs. 45,000

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