While locals in Penang seldom visit bars, there have quite a few interesting underground bar culture for the expats and tourists. Some areas like Nagore Square are swarming with young working locals on Friday and Saturday nights.
Another interesting thing we noticed this time was the growing coffee culture. Home to the smooth and delicious white coffee, Penang has a cute cafe at every corner with the hustle and bustle of friends catching up.

Constant Gardener Coffee

Right under the Chambers Hotel, this petite cafe and its staff is our personal favourite. They have the yummiest white milk chocolate coffee, tea and espresso.

What to eat in Penang Georgetown

My Armenian Coffee

Located in the heart of the heritage Armenian Street, this cafe serves great chai (at high prices)

Coffee Lane

Right next to Rockafellas, these guys have good cappuccino and expresso.

Tea Kadai

Good for Masala Chai


A fairly new entrant to Chulia Street, they have good live music and great staff.

Chulia Court

Disco themed tavern where you can party Bollywood style. They have great food too.

Mish Mash

Cute and classy, Mish Mash is our feel-good bar in Penang.


The locals relaxing and the entire underground bar scene of Nagore Square has a unique charm

Wooden Place, Mickie’s Place & D’loovies at Love Lane

Best place to find cheap alcohol. Some of them have happy hours till 10-11 every day.

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