Being touristy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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In a nutshell

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia demarcated by the Tall Petronas & KL Tower on one side the bustling Golden Triangle full of replicas, street food & bars on the other. KL is one of the busiest cities in South East Asia and just like any capital city, the roads are always packed with vehicles, people are always rushing and there is a mall at every corner. However, in the evenings and weekends there is a relaxed vibe here with people filling up Jalan Alor to have a wide spread of delicious street food. Nearby is a vibrant street filled with bars with any flavour that you may fancy. KL has the largest free-flight walk-in aviary in the world making it a must visit.

How to get there

We took a direct flight from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. After spending 2 days in Melaka, we took a bus to Kuala Lumpur Bus Central and a Grab to our hotel from there. 

Where to stay

If you are there for a short period and want to visit the popular spots, stay at Bukit Bintang or the City Centre. We stayed at the Royal Kuala Lumpur for convenience and highly recommend this hotel. It is economical, grand, centrally located and comfortable. 

What to pack

Along with some comfy t-shirts and shorts, you can carry a nice dress for the evenings. 

Food in Kuala Lumpur

A soupy noodle bowl with Wantons and Pork locally knows as Wanton Mee

Jalan Alor and the Pavilion mall are food hubs. If you go to the night market at Jalan Alor, you can find all south east Asian cuisines ranging from dimsums, satay to frogs. Since we spent a short time in KL, here’s a brief highlight of what we ate:

  1. Char Kwoy Teow: Our favourite fried noodles from Malaysia.
    Have this at: Xin Ji Kitchen
  2. Wanton Mee: A wanton soup with slices of meat.
    Have this at: Xin Ji Kitchen
  3. Laksa curry: A soupy rice noodle bowl with fish sauce and seafood.
    Have this at: Alor Corner Curry Noodle
  4. Coconut ice cream: Scoops of coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell. You can add toppings like nuts, choco-chips and sprinkles. This is YUM!
    Have this at: Aroy Coconut Ice Cream

    8 delectable dimsums for MYR 10! What a steal!

  5. Dimsums: You can point and choose from a wide range. We returned for these as our midnight snack.
    Have this at: Jalan Alor Night Market
  6. Bak Kwa: Dried and barbecued pork and chicken. We got home plenty and made lovely sandwiches.
    Buy this at: Lim Meng Kee
  7. Satay: Meat on sticks, freshly made and served with peanut and chilli sauce.
    Have this at: Jalan Alor night market
  8. Caramalized Pork Belly: A delicious Vietnamese preparation served with rice and prawn crackers.
    Have this at: Pho Vietz Restaurant
  9. Beef Pho: Vietnamese big sour noodle soup bowl with beef.
    Have this at: Pho Vietz Restaurant

Bars in KL

Healy Mac’s irish bar & restaurant at Bukit Bintang

KL is one of the most expensive places to get drunk at in the world! We however navigated and researched to find good bars with reasonably priced drinks (for KL). There is a bar street in Bukit Bintang with various themes and deals. Our top picks were:

  1. Healy Mac’s: A relaxed Irish bar with Tiger beer pitchers. Good for a day time visit, nights are really busy here.
  2. Ceylon bar: A small sports bar where you can find a spot even on a busy Saturday. We chatted a lot with the entertaining server here.
  3. Havana Bar: You can get your party shoes out for this Cuban themed bar.

Other things to do in KL

Admiring our feathered friends at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

  • Visit the KL Bird Park. This is a must visit
  • Walk around Petronas and KL Tower. Climb to the Petronas bridge for some touristy pictures that cost a bomb.
  • Shop at Bukit Bintang. It is a hub for local goods and replicas.
  • Stroll around in Pavilion Mall. You would find people smoking in the middle of the mall which took even us by surprise.
  • Visit the aquarium and butterfly parks. We missed these and regret it.

Extra bites

Kids don’t do alcohol, especially in non happy hour or else prepare to sell a part of your liver. Book tickets for the touristy places online in advance. The queue at the Aquarium was seriously long to purchase tickets on the spot.

Cost for 2:

Flight tickets: Rs. 34,488
Extra baggage (20kgs): Rs. 4,500
Stay at Royal Kuala Lumpur (1 night): Rs. 3,000
Tourism tax at hotel on arrival: Rs. 150
Bus from KL to Melaka and back: Rs. 1,285
Malaysian SIM from the airport: Rs. 750

KL Bird Park entry: Rs. 2078

Taxi to the airport: Rs. 1500
Food, drinks, cabs and shopping in KL: Rs. 14,272

Total: Rs. 62,023
Total spent in Melaka: 18,092 (read about our trip to Melaka here)
Total: Rs. 80,115

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