2 days in Mumbai

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In a nutshell

Mumbai welcomed us with open arms and an off season downpour. Only 4 kms away otherwise, it took us a 1.5 hours to reach our hotel. Although, the minute we reached our hotel, the 2 day non-stop fun began. From enjoying seafood to no nonsense street food to the old British architecture in town to roaming around safely at night, Mumbai is a treat for a short and easy visit.
Mumbai vs Delhi has always been a heated debate subject. As a born and raised Delhite, Mumbai’s small spaces shock me as much as their hospitality. You’d find auto rickshaw guys returning change to the last penny, a person driving an Audi helping a Wagon R guy park and people being nice to you for no reason (what is the deal with that?).
If you aim to party hard and need a short weekend getaway in a major city, Mumbai is the place for you.
How to get there
Mumbai is one of the easiest places to visit with direct flights from a lot of cities in the world.
From Delhi to Mumbai you can also take a Rajdhani train to save cost and still reach there fast.
Where to stay
While we stayed in Regale by Tunga in Andheri East and have no complaints, the easiest areas to stay in will be Bandra West and Lower Parel. Being central, these places allow you to hit all the hotspots comfortably.
Food and drinks in Mumbai
From local street food to quaint little bars, we tried to get a bite everywhere in 2 short days.
a. Gajalee/Trishna/Mahesh Lunch Home: You must head to one of these and have butter garlic prawns and crabs. We have tried crabs at both Gajalee and Trishna and would recommend Trishna, Gajalee being a close second.
b. Cafe Mondegar: Cafe Mondegar is popular for gorgeous Mario Miranda illustrations and delicious cafe food. Their chicken burger and onion rings are a great hangover cure.
c. Tibbs Frankie/Breadkarft: Both of these have Mumbai’s famous Frankie. Our personal favourite is Tibbs Frankie but Breadkarft is delicious as well with huge portions.
d. Eddies Bistro: With a gorgeous ceiling made of umbrellas, Eddies central location makes it a great weekend outing for drinks.
e. Woodside Inn: We liked this place enough to spend 6 hours here! They have some freshly brewed Belgium beer and a wide range of good cocktails. If you go there in between 4 to 8 pm, you can enjoy happy hours. For food, you can nibble on their fish fingers, prawn satay and potato skins.
f. Ayub’s: Ayub who started originally as a chef under Bademiya attracts a huge crowd who park around their store for rolls. We highly recommend having their mutton seekh. For vegetarians, paneer tikka roll and mushroom and babycorn rolls are popular choices.
g. 99 pancakes: After enjoying a spicy roll at Ayubs, you can wash the spice with nutella and unsalted butter mini pancakes from 99 pancakes. These vanished in 2 minutes before we could take a picture of it.
h. Mini Punjab: While pani puri is great almost everywhere in Mumbai, but due to lack of time we could only go to Mini Punjab in Pali hill and have no regrets.
e. The J: Perfect for a sharing car snack. We tried their tandoori chicken fries.
f. Daniels: The cutest bakery in Pali Hill with a fluffy Japanese cheesecake and crunchy macaroons & biscotti. The level of sweet here is on point.
We missed going to Quarter bars this time but in our next visit we are definitely hitting Gokuls or Janata Bar to get the local drinking flavour of Mumbai with good food at cheap prices. Visiting an Iranian cafe is on the list too.
Other things to do in Mumbai
a. Take a walk around Gateway of India and Kala Ghoda: You can visit Jahangir Art Gallery, NGMA and Rhythm house while doing this. Enjoy the old British architecture in Colaba when you’re there
b. Take a tour to Elephanta caves from Gateaway of India: If you have a longer time, you can take a ferry to visit the iconic caves.
c. Drive around  Mount Mary’s Basilica on a quiet Sunday morning
d. Look at fans standing outside filmstars houses in Pali Hil
e. Get some local shopping done in Marine Drive.
Extra bites:
We would love more recommendations from Mumbaikars.  Please leave your recommendations in the comments section.


  • bhawna says:

    Its amazing how you describe everything in detail. Love it. <3

  • Meenakshi nawani says:

    What a short & crisp description of the city of dreams! Can’t wait to visit again. The last I went there was almost ten years ago!

  • Ankita says:

    Love the insights on your visit to bombay. You managed to do a lot in 2 days. Great description of places and food. Will definitely visit Gajalee and mahesh lunch home as I’m visiting next week 🙂

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